Value of paper and print

A lot of companies are now going ‘paperless’ and choose to promote their product via the internet rather than on print. Take a read of this article below, its not just telling you that print is important but how effective it can be to reach your target market.,value-of-paper-and-print.aspx

Helping out the locals

We have been asked to help sponsor the 3 peaks Bike Race in Dunedin on the 6-7th of December. It is the third largest bike race in New Zealand and some of the top names in New Zealand biking will be attending. They have a large amount of entries already but its not too late, just visit their website for more information:

Good luck to all those competing, I’m sure it will be a stunner of a day with spectacular views!


If you require sponsorship don’t hesitate to contact one of the local branches.


This blog is going to showcase what Wickliffe has on offer for our customers and all the new and exciting news that is happening within the print industry. A lot of you will have heard of or been a customer of Wickliffe, we have been around since 1947, older than most of you reading this post right now. Some people say that being an old company is good, it delivers experience, some say it’s bad, stuck in the past. What we’re saying is that over this time only one thing has remained constant and that’s change. Our ability to adapt and evolve with these changes is why we’re still here. We’re embracing change and taking a leadership role in the adoption of new printing technologies and print supply chain solutions. Its why we are introducing this blog, we want you to be able to follow us on this journey, and we want your feedback.


It might work for Old Spice but it stopped working for us. The new W branding has allowed us to leave our old Blue Ship behind. Our proud history is still reflected in the use of traditional fonts and simple straight shooting black and white text, it’s a unpretentious “less is more” message. We’re taking the same message to the market; printing what you need, when you need it, where you require it. It’s not about us, it’s about you. We’re no longer talking one stop shop, end-to-end solutions. Like King Canute, we know we can’t hold back the tide of change. It’s an online world, you don’t need as much print as you used to and a print company can not meet all your publishing needs. We are working collaboratively to deliver print-less solutions. An example of this is our work with Fuji Xerox. We are working with Fuji Xerox equipment to deliver digital print solutions and we’re working with them to deliver fully managed print supply chain solutions.

We’re delivering lower cost print today and we’re wanting to work with you to build the print-less solutions you’ll need tomorrow. Talking to our customers to ensure we’re meeting their needs is important to us, we want to hear from YOU. What can we do to improve our services? Have you got any queries or questions? Please don’t hesitate to email or comment below, as we are open to new ideas and advice on how we can improve our service for you. Join us and like this page to get updates on what’s happening. Thanks for the visit.